Constant improvement quality and safety in projects

It is a competitive, forward-thinking company that partners with its customers and values employees as key players for success. We have a commercial technical team trained and prepared to meet the needs and demands of our customers.


Constant expansion of our business through the distribution network, products with quality, innovation and profitability promoting social responsibility and aligning with the best environmental practices.


Excellence in customer service intruck trailers solutions; Be among the leaders in the market; Be the most desired brand in Brazil.


People: Motivated, aligned and respected / Sustainability: Financial-economic, social and environmental / Relationship: Trust between all stakeholders / Management: Ethics and respect for routines in an integrated, transparent and shared way.


Unidade Industrial

(51) 3986-0200
Av. Luíz Pasteur, 1020 - Tres Portos,
Sapucaia do Sul - RS
CEP: 93.212-360
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