Truck Trailers

Stainless Steel Tank 3 axles

Know this implement:


Self-supporting type, made of stainless steel sheets. With cylindrical cross section with convex sides. Internal sanitary finish on welds.


According to the required load capacity and according to the chassis to be coupled or pitted. The tank can have suspension 1,2 or 3 axles mounted in tandem or bogie, with wheelbase of 1,270 mm.


Tapered roller bearings. Absorbs axial and radial stresses, providing longer component life.

Loading System

Top System. Through upper apertures, protected by lids with hinged closures, positive sealing and gaskets compatible with the product. Access to the upper apertures is via a ladder and side walkway in a non-stick profile.

Discharge System

In the lowest part of the compartment, with 4 "discharge pipe.


ABS brakes, 16.5 ”x8”, which combine efficiency and safety.

Support feet

Mechanical, telescopic type, with manual override and 24 ton capacity.


Sized according to Resolution 593/16 requirements, with an optimized impact blade, combining robustness and functionality.


Made of high-strength polypropylene, with an anti-spray system, which reduces fog caused by water on the track.

Electrical System

100% LED, which provides greater durability. Rear signal with innovative design, diffused light and sequential flashes.

Stardard Items

• Water barrel. • Tool box. • Quick coupling discharge connections. • Lift pneumatic for 1st axle. • Pressure gauge. • Grounding points. • Hose holder, with 5 meter hose. • Cyclists side protectors. • External steam coil. • Cone support (without cones). • Support for 02 extinguishers (without extinguishers). • Support for spare tire 02 tires (without tires). • Discharge hose support. • Support for risk signs (without signs). * Pressure relief valve and vacuum breaker. • Pipeline drain valve. • Pressurization valve.

Optional Items

• Discharge piping with individual outlets for each compartment. • Retractable handrail for walkway. • Thermal insulation for high and low temperature. • Internal lining for aggressive products. • Product heating system. • Air suspension. • Thermometer.