Truck Trailers

Sider 03 axles

Know this implement:


• Made of structural steel with type “I” stringers. • “Z” shaped through sleepers, which guarantee complete floor support.

Cargo Box

• Flat metallic front. • Trussed roof arches and screwed to the rail. • Rear door with 04 bars. • Rear frame screwed to the chassis frame. • Removable staves, which facilitate loading and unloading. • Removable galvanized steel retaining sleepers. • Upper closure in polymeric material, for sealing the cargo box. • Side curtains lined with activated PVC, lacquered on both sides. • Side reflective strips attached to the chassis frame. • Aluminum rail.


• With a wall thickness of 14mm, they are forged and free from amendments, which makes the component intact.

Mechanical Suspension

• With rocker system with reinforced swing axis and mounted with semi-elliptical springs. • The spring supports have movable scrubs and tension arms composed of vulcanized terminals, which guarantee the absorption of impacts.


• Tapered roller bearings, 90mm in diameter. Absorbs axial and radial stresses, providing longer component life.


• Made of high-strength polypropylene, with an anti-spray system, which reduces fog caused by water on the track.


• Sized according to Resolution 593/16 requirements, with an optimized impact blade, combining robustness and functionality.


• ABS brakes, 16.5 ”x8”, which combine efficiency and safety.

Electrical system

• 100% LED, which provides greater durability. Rear signal with innovative design, diffused light and s

Standard Items

• 4.75mm checkered plate floor. • Water barrel. • Tool box. • Luxury groceries box. • Basket-type spare tire holder. • Side protectors for cyclists.

Optional Items

• 3.00mm checkered plate floor. • 3.00mm checkered plate floor. • Air suspension • Colorful Vinilona • Vinilona with logo application.

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