Truck Trailers

General Cargo 03 axles

Know this implement:


• Made of structural steel with type “I” stringers. • “Z” shaped through sleepers, which guarantee complete floor support.

Cargo Box

• Side covers with metallic frame and specific geometry to absorb the vinilona contour, preventing it from tearing. • Efficient sealing of the cargo box. • Metal poles with plastic finishes on the upper part that preserve the integrity of the vinilona. • Front of the metallic and removable cargo box, making the product versatile for other applications.


• With a wall thickness of 14mm, they are forged and free from amendments, which makes the component intact.

Mechanical Suspension

• With rocker system with reinforced swing axis and mounted with semi-elliptical springs. • The spring supports have movable scrubs and tension arms composed of vulcanized terminals, which guarantee the absorption of impacts.


• Tapered roller bearings, 90mm in diameter. Absorbs axial and radial stresses, providing longer component life.


• Made of high-strength polypropylene, with an anti-spray system, which reduces fog caused by water on the track.


• Sized according to Resolution 593/16 requirements, with an optimized impact blade, combining robustness and functionality.


• ABS brakes, 16.5 ”x8”, which combine efficiency and safety.

Electrical system

• 100% LED, which provides greater durability. Rear signal with innovative design, diffused light and sequential flashes.

Standard Items

• 18mm navy plywood floor. • Water barrel. • Tool box. • Luxury groceries box. • Internal chains for fixing the covers. • Basket-type spare tire holder. • Side protectors for cyclists.

Optional items

• Built-in bonding arches and vinilona • 3.00mm checkered plate floor. • 4.75mm checkered plate floor. • 22mm naval plywood floor. • Ratchets with nylon strap. • Cargo mooring ratchets, with steel cable. • Nylon straps for fixing the side covers. • Decorative strips • Air suspension • Vinilona

Dolly + Fifth Wheel

•Dolly with fifth wheel hitch. System tested and established in Brazil for over 15 years. Facilitates coupling and provides greater lateral stability, impacting handling and safety. It has Dolly's exclusive stabilizer system.

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