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New box of groceries


Having a kitchen equipped in the truck can be very useful, especially in situations where the trucker does not find that cool restaurant for lunch or dinner.
And it all starts with the Box of Groceries. An item that, in addition to fulfilling the function of accommodating utensils and food, needs to be resistant and durable against the action of time.
Knowing the relevance of this component to the transporter, Recrusul brought a new box for its road implements.
Caibi Caixas has unique technology and 15 years of experience in the manufacture of kitchens. It all starts with the nine-layer navy plywood! Exactly that, nine layers bonded with 100% phenolic glue, which results in a material much more resistant than the conventional models on the market. In addition, the box receives a protective cover, which prevents any water infiltration, and to finish, a painting is done with automotive paint.
The result is a box with much more durability and that meets the demands of drivers. The interior design is also noteworthy, as it facilitates the accommodation of kitchen items and will certainly awaken the pleasure of cooking!